Why Gallery Night for you as an artist or designer?

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Gallery Night makes it accessible for up & coming creators to exhibit

Organizing an exhibition is very expensive and therefore almost impossible for artists and designers to do on their own.

Group exhibitions

Group exhibitions ensure more visibility

By being represented in a group exhibition, artists and designers share and expand their networks and might co-create.

Marketing art & design

Gallery Night does active marketing to sell your works during the night

We actively represent your work with the aim to sell it to the right audience. To do so we organize workshops for people how they might invest in up & coming artists and designers.

Gallery Night has one of the lowest commissions on inquiries.

We only ask 20% of the final price of the sold works.
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Gallery Night asks for a very low starting fee to actually participate

We only ask 50,00 euro to participate, which is only to cover all the on costs. If it is impossible to pay this fee, we will arrange something for you.

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Meet your target audience and connect with like-minded fellows

Gallery Night attracts the right audience but also invites special guests from the Art & Design world.